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The EuroJoker gives you the chance to win pension and cash prizes on a daily basis for a whole month for a 10-euro stake. Up to 250.000 chances for only 10 euros! Prizes include monthly pensions of up to 10.000 euros and cash prizes of up to 5.000 euros every hour. Each month we also offer 1 x 100.000 euros and each day 1 x 50.000 euros in prize money! 

With the KLS EuroJoker ticket: prizes on an hourly, daily and monthly basis!

  • Every month 1 x 100.000 euros
  • Every month 1 x 10.000 euros pension per month
  • Every week 1 x 2.000 euros pension per month and an additional 50.000 x 20 euros
  • Every day 1 x 1,000 euros pension per month
  • Every day 1 x 50.000 euros
  • Every hour 1 x 5.000 euros
  • 75-year pension prize: 10.000 euros per month, for 75 years.
  • A total sum of 1.044.802 euros to be played for

It costs only 10 euros per month to participate in EuroJoker!

Daily Pension Prizes
Per DAY 1 x € 1.000
Per WEEK 1 x € 2.000
Per MONTH 1 x € 10.000
Hourly Cash Winnings
Every HOUR 1 x € 5.000
Every DAY 1 x € 50.000
Every MONTH 1 x € 100.000
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