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T&Cs KLS 151.

The game 151st KlassenLotterieSüd (hereinafter “KLS-Game”) as well as the additional game are organized by European Lotto and Betting Limited (hereinafter referred as “ELBL“). ELBL is a state-licensed bookmaker based in Malta, whose main business is accepting bets on the outcome of lotteries. ELBL holds a gambling license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (license no. 609/2018 and 475/2018). ELBL does not provide tickets for state lotteries, but holds betting on the outcome of lotteries. A bet on the outcome of the following lotteries is hereinafter referred to as “ticket”:

• 151st SKL-Lotterie, organized by the Common Class Lottery of the Countries with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich (Germany), hereinafter referred to as the “SKL Underlying Lottery”

• Joker game EURO-JOKER, organized by the Common Class Lottery of the Countries with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich (Germany), in the following “Euro-Joker Underlying Lottery”

• Joker game TRAUM-JOKER, organized by the Joint Class Lottery of the Countries with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich (Germany), in the following “Traum-Joker Underlying Lottery”

Part A: Game 151st  KlassenLotterieSüd

§ 1 Participation in the game / General explanations

(1) Participation in the KLS-Game is based solely on the game plan and these game rules.

(2) The KLS-Game starts on 01.06.2022 and runs for six months until 30.11.2022. Each month is a class. The number of winnings and the amount of winnings increase from class to class. To participate a valid lottery certificate is required.

(3) The lottery certificate comprises 3 million ticket numbers from 0.000.001 to 3.000.000. 1.994.788 individual winnings with a total winning of € 1.272.900.000  will be allocated to these ticket numbers in the game period. The planned winninga distribution rate for all 6 classes is 50.75 %.

(4) The lottery certificates may be purchased in whole tickets or in ticket shares of 10% each. The ticket shares are consecutively numbered from 1 to 10 per ticket number (share designations). The amounts shown in the game plan always refer to a whole ticket. Ticket shares win pro rata.

(5) The sale of the lottery certificates shall be carried out by service providers in the name and for the account of ELBL. Several played ticket numbers with the respective shares can be combined on a ticket certificate.

(6) By sending a lottery certificate, the service provider makes a binding offer to sell. Timely payment is considered acceptance of this offer. The game contract is concluded between ELBL and the game participant. It comes about when the lottery certificate is paid on time and in full (see also § 3 (2) and (4)), is stored in the ELBL database as entitled to participate and the age of the interested party is proved (§2). A contract offer is subject to the condition precedent of this proof.

(7) The lottery certificates are usually issued separately for each class. The supervising service provider offers the participant in good time before the beginning of a subsequent class a lottery certificate (or the number of tickets played by him) with the same ticket number and the same unit designations as in the current one

played class (exception: see § 6 paragraph 2). Accordingly, he should offer the game participants also the renewed participation for the subsequent KLS-Game. The acceptance of the offers is free to the game participant.

(8) Participants residing in the United States of America are excluded from participation. ELBL may change at any time the list of countries excluded from playing (it is the residence).

(9) There is no right of withdrawal for distance contracts.

(10) The game participant must notify the service provider of changes to the name, address or account immediately. Damage or disadvantages caused by a culpable violation of this obligation shall be borne by the participant.

§ 2 Ensuring the participation ban of minors

(1) The participation of minors in public gambling games is prohibited by law. Gaming contracts that violate this prohibition on participation are void. Every interested party is obliged to provide truthful information about his date of birth, his name and his address when ordering ticket. Without this information, a game participation is not possible.

(2) ELBL and its service providers are legally obliged to check the age of the gambling addict. Recognized procedures are used for this age-majority review; the required data will be passed on to third parties. For this purpose, the name, the date of birth and the address of the interested party are transmitted. A credit check and a further transfer of personal data will not take place. The request will be stored for the purpose of billing with the ELBL and, if applicable, the population register for the required period.

(3) If age verification can not be provided by the procedure described in subsection (2), the interested party may prove that he is of age by presenting an official identity document.

(4) If the acquisition of lot certificates takes place in personal contact, the service providers are entitled in cases of doubt to ensure the participation ban of minors and are obliged to demand the presentation of an official identification document.

§ 3 Stake / Payment methods

(1) The gambling on a whole ticket amounts to 150 € per month with a play participation starting from the first class, thus on each single ticket share 15 € per month.

(2) The payment of the stake is made to an account of the service provider. A ticket is entitled to a dividend from the first draw of a class, if the due application has been received in full by the service provider or credited to his account in good time prior to the start of that class and he has knowledge thereof. The stake is also considered timely paid if the service provider to collect the stake of is authorized to hold an account under the control of the player and the collection of the stake does not fail or is delayed for reasons for which the service provider is not responsible. For credit cards, sentence 2 applies accordingly.

(3) For tickets, which are acquired only after the beginning of the game, the stake of both the current class and any previous classes is to be paid. This also applies to consequential liability (see § 6 (2)).

(4) If the game participant has authorized the service provider to collect the ticket price, then he is only entitled to participate in a prize if a successful entry, also for previous classes, was not subsequently contradicted. This applies accordingly for credit cards.

(5) In case of late payment the service provider is no longer bound to his / her ticket offer. If he / she still accepts the payment, the ticket is entitled to a dividend from the next working day following the receipt of payment (excluding Saturdays).

(6) If payment for the stake is made using the SEPA direct debit procedure, the pre-notification deadline will be reduced to one business day (excluding Saturdays). Advance notice of the direct debit of the stake is made by letter or e-mail.

(7) If a player with several tickets and / or multiple ticket bundles wants to participate in the game and his tickets are incompletely paid, the following applies: Incomplete payments and / or remaining credit, which could entitle a part of his / her ticket / ticket shares to the prize entitlement (subject to a different provision by the game participant) is credited as follows: a) to whole tickets, b) to tickets with several ticket shares (in descending order of priority), c) to tickets with only one ticket share. If there are several lottery certificates of the same value, the lottery certificate with the lowest ticket number is considered paid.

(8) The costs and expenses for winning lists including postage are borne by the game participant and can be invoiced by the service provider. The service provider is entitled to agree a flat-rate service fee with the game participant. As part of the service fee, any other services can also be agreed with the game participant. These costs and expenses as well as any service fee are not part of the ticket price.

§ 4 Drawing procedure / Determination of winnings

(1) All draws of the SKL underlying lottery take place under supervision. Draw locations and times will be provided upon request.

(2) In the case of monetary prizes, ELBL always pays the game participant the same amount that the player would have received if he had taken part directly in the SKL underlying lottery with the same ticket number and division. The show and event winnings from the SKL Base Lottery will not be offered by ELBL, as the draw results of these winnings will not be published on ticket number basis.

(3) The determination of winnings in the KLS-Game takes place by means of a comparison of the tickets registered with the prize money for each draw with the respective draw results of the SKL underlying lottery.

(4) In the event of a win, the game participant receives a prize notification from the service provider. In addition, the winning numbers of the KLS-Game will be announced in the ELBL monthly winners list, which can be viewed or purchased by the service provider. The publications of ELBL (for example, digital winners list, television, teletext, press and internet) are without guarantee.

§ 5 Payout

(1) For the assertion of a winning claim the return of the formal disbursement order, which is enclosed with the winning notification by the service provider, is sufficient.

(2) The prize amounts shown in the game plan up to an amount of € 1.000.000 shall be paid out to the game participant by his supervising service provider either immediately or credited to the game participant in his customer account and, if desired, with the stake for subsequent classes and, if appropriate, subsequent pay (cf. § 6).

(3) Cash prizes of up to € 1.000.000 will be paid by the service provider, cash prizes of more than € 1.000.000 and the time-lapse benefits will be paid by the ELBL.

(4) In the event of winning a limited time pension, ELBL may allow the customer to opt for the cash option. In this case, the prize will be paid in one sum, which is 65% of the amount paid out in the event of an annuity payment. The choice of the payment method is up to the customer.

(5) To claim winnings, a player must return the payout instruction form enclosed with the winning notification letter and complete certain verification tasks. All requested and required documents must be provided by the Player no later than 24 weeks after the date of the Betting Event or the Winnings shall be forfeited.

(6) Pension prizes are paid by the ELBL and are not inheritable.

(7) The names of the players and winners shall be kept secret in accordance with the statutory provisions.

§ 6 Elimination of ticket numbers / Follow-up tickets / Additional drawing

(1) Tickets that have made a winning on the first Saturday of the month will be eliminated from the game in classes 1 to 5 at the end of this month. In the 6th class, the winning numbers of the first Saturday are eliminated on the following Friday and the second Saturday on the following Friday. Ticket numbers that make a winning on special draws are excluded. These ticket numbers do not stay out of the game because of such a win. All other ticket numbers – even if they have already won – remain in the game until 30.11.2022.

(2) In order for a winner to be able to continue playing after the departure of his ticket, his service provider shall immediately offer him a follow-up ticket with a new ticket number and a number of ticket shares corresponding to the old ticket. The use of this is basically covered by the profit previously made. The acceptance of the offer is always free to the game participant. An accepted follow-up ticket will participate from the next drawing day of the current class. At the request of the player, the stake for the game will be deducted from the previously earned prize.

§ 7 Liability / Complaints procedure

(1) ELBL and its service providers are not liable for damages caused by force majeure, non-compliant malfunction of IT facilities, negligence of IT, printing, communications and transport companies, criminal acts of third parties or any other reasons for which they are not responsible. The liability for culpable or negligent behavior of a mediator or other vicarious agents is expressly excluded; this does not apply in cases of violation of the

life, body, health or in cases of liability under the Product Liability Act.

(2) If the payment of the lottery ticket is made to an account of the service provider, the rights and obligations arising from the advance payment or custody of gaming stakes shall only accrue to the service provider concerned by the game participant. Agreements, acts and omissions of a service provider not provided for in these Terms and Conditions are not binding on ELBL.

(3) For complaints and information contact directly the service provider or ELBL on telephone number 0044 2038597294, email address

Part B: Game Additions

§ 1 Participation in the game / General explanations

(1) In connection with the KLS-Game, the ELBL will organize from 01.06.2022 to 30.11.2022 the game supplements “EuroJoker” (in the following referred as”EuroJoker-Game”) and “TraumJoker” (in the following “TraumJoker-Game”). Each calendar month is a self-contained game supplement. Unless otherwise specified below, Part A of these Terms of Play also applies to Part B.

(2) Contrary to Part A § 3 (5), participation in the game begins upon receipt of payment by the 15th of a month from the working day after receipt of payment (excluding Saturdays). If payment is received after the 15th of a month, but no later than the penultimate working day excluding Saturdays before the end of the month, eligible participation in the game begins on the 1st of the following month. Otherwise, participation in the game begins on the working day after payment (excluding Saturdays).

(3) The lotteries each comprise 3 million lottery numbers from 0.000.001 to 3.000.000. These ticket numbers will account for 1.044.802 winnings for a total of € 92.410.000 in the EuroJoker-Game, and 1.830.106 winnings for the TraumJoker-Game based on the printed game plan of € 43.690.000. Weekly draws of the EuroJoker-Game are made every Sunday, monthly drawings are made every last Sunday of the month. The anniversary draws in the EuroJoker game take place on the corresponding days of the Millionaire Monday draw of the KLS-game. The winning categories of the TraumJoker-Game will be announced separately. The game plan is supplemented by further winnings, which can be changed monthly. For all 6 Joker rounds, the scheduled payout percentage is 51.34% for the EuroJoker-Game and 48.54% for the TraumJoker-Game.

(4) Game supplement lottery tickets are not sold as ticket shares.

(5) Winning tickets are not ruled out from further participation in the respective game supplement.

§ 2 Stake / Payment

(1) The stake is € 10 for the EuroJoker-Game and € 5 per month for the TraumJoker-Game. Deviating from the KLS-Game, the participation in the game supplements is also possible on individual rounds. Part A § 3 (3) is not applicable.

(2) Part A § 3 (7) shall apply with the proviso that incomplete payments shall first be credited to stakes for the KLS-Game, then to the tickets of the EuroJoker-Game and finally to the tickets of the TraumJoker-Game.

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