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§ 1 Promoter

The game “RentenLotterie” (hereinafter referred as „RentenLotterie Game“) is being organized by EU Lotto Ltd. EU Lotto is a state-licensed bookmaker based in Gibraltar (EU) whose main business is the acceptance of lottery betting. EU Lotto holds,  i.a. a gambling license issued by the Government of Gibraltar (License No. RGL 066). EU Lotto does not provide tickets for state lotteries, but manages bets on the outcome of lotteries. A bet on the outcome of the NKL-RentenLotterie as underlying lottery, organized by the „Gemeinsame KlassenLotterie der Länder“, based in Hamburg and Munich (Germany), is hereinafter referred to as “Ticket”.

§ 2 Participation requirements

(1) The participation of minors in gambling is not permitted by law. For this reason, the interested party has to truthfully give his name, date of birth and address.

(2) The EU Lotto and its service providers are legally obliged to check the age of the interested party. Recognized procedures are used for this age-majority review; the required data will be passed on to third parties. The name, date of birth and the address of the interested party are transmitted for purpose to the respective service provider. A credit check and a further transfer of personal data will not take place. The respective service provider will save the request for billing purposes with the EU Lotto and, if applicable, the registration registers for the required period.

(3) If the age of majority can not be confirmed by a procedure in accordance with paragraph 2, the interested party shall be informed immediately. The interested party may then provide proof of age by other appropriate means.

(4) If a personal contact with employees of the service provider takes place in order to initiate and conclude the contract, they are entitled and required to ensure the participation ban of minors in case of doubt the presentation of an official identification document or a notarised copy of an official identification document.

§ 3 Organisation

(1) The RentenLotterie game will be carried out over a period of 4 weeks in 4 classes of one week each according to the winning plan. The RentenLotterie game starts on the 1st of a calendar month with the 1st draw of the 1st class and ends after 4 weeks on the 28th of the calendar month with the 7th draw of the 4th class. Upon completion of a RentenLotterie game, the next RentenLotterie will commence on the 1st of the following calendar month.

(2) 3,000,000 tickets are issued, which are distributed as Basic- or Super- ticket. These tickets include a total of 200 pension winnings and 900,000 bonus ticket winnings. In case of a pension winning with a Basic-ticket, the winning amount will be paid over 5 year monthly whereby with a Super-ticket will be paid over 10 years monthly. Bonus ticket winnings can be issued as a basic ticket or a super ticket. The total win amount is 17,460.00 € for participation with a Basic-ticket and 34,920,000 € for participation with a Super-ticket. The planned payout ratio including the bonus winnings is 58.20%.

(3) Each ticket carries a 7-digit number between 0.000,001 and 3,000,000.

§ 4 Stake

(1) The ticket price per each RentenLotterie game is 10.00 € for a Basic-ticket and 20.00 € for a Super-ticket.

(2) Costs for winning lists including postage must be paid by the player.

§ 5 Ticket sales and player directory

(1) The tickets are distributed by service providers on behalf of and for the account of the EU Lotto.

(2) The details of the player according to § 2 para. 1 as well as his payment information and the ticket number assigned to him are registered by the service provider in a directory.

(3) The player must immediately notify the service provider of changes to his name, address or bank details. Damage caused by a culpable violation of this obligation must be paid by the player. Despairingly, this also applies in accordance with § 12 para. 3 in case of damage caused by the player.

(4) One ticket may be issued for one or up to 12 RentenLotterie games. The respective valid winning plan and the valid game conditions apply. If the winning plan and / or game conditions change within the validity period marked on the ticket, the service provider will send the player the new winning plan and the new game conditions. These are deemed agreed if the player does not object within 2 weeks. The service provider will separately inform about this legal consequence.

(5) The service provider is entitled to issue a ticket certificate and send it to the player. The ticket certificate can be issued for several RentenLotterie games and for several ticket numbers. For ticket certificates these conditions apply accordingly.

(6) Tickets may be marketed as “virtual tickets” subject to gambling license. The ticket numbers are only stored in the EU Lotto database and will be communicated informally to the player.

(7) A claim to participation in a game with a specific ticket number to a class does not exist. The EU Lotto is mediating wishes for ticket numbers.

(8) There is no right of withdrawal for distance contracts.

§ 6 Ticket payment and game contract

(1) The game contract is concluded separately between the EU Lotto and the player for each RentenLotterie game and only with timely (paragraph 3) full payment of the ticket prize (paragraph 7 to paragraph 9) and finally storage of the ticket.

(2) For participation in any draw of a class for a prize, a) a ticket must be purchased from a service provider and the price for that ticket must be paid timely (paragraph 3) and in full (paragraphs 5 and 6), namely depending on the requirement of the service provider to an account of the EU Lotto or the service provider, and b) the redemption of the ticket must be stored in the EU Lotto database before the first draw of this class.

(3) The ticket price is paid in good time, namely at the latest by the end of the penultimate working day (excluding Saturdays) before the beginning of a RentenLotterie game, if a) the ticket price has reached the power of disposal of the EU Lotto or the service provider by bank transfer or by bank transfer, b) a check has been made on the lottery price to the service provider and the redemption of the check does not fail for reasons for which the player is responsible, or c) the EU Lotto or the service provider collect the ticket price from one the player’s power of disposition is authorized and the collection of the ticket price does not fail or is delayed, for reasons for which the player is responsible, or the credit is cancelled because the player subsequently objects to the collection. This also applies to credit cards.

(4) After the time specified in paragraph 3, the participation in the game commences from the day of the 1st draw of the 2nd class, provided the ticket price has been paid before the end of the penultimate working day (excluding Saturdays) prior to this draw and the participant has not violated any other provision.

(5) After the date stated in para. 4, the participation in the game commences on the day of the 1st draw of the next RentenLotterie game, if the ticket price has been paid by the end of the penultimate working day (excluding Saturdays) prior to this draw and the participant has not vialated any other provision.

(6) If payment for the stake is made using the SEPA direct debit procedure, the pre-notification deadline will be reduced to one business day (excluding Saturdays). Advance notice of the direct debit of the stake is made by letter or e-mail.

(7) If multiple lottery tickets are to be used for a RentenLotterie game and the total price of the tickets is not paid, the amount paid will be charged to the tickets with the lowest lottery numbers. Super tickets take precedence over basic tickets.

(8) If a ticket is issued for several RentenLotterie games, the ticket price must be paid per RentenLotterie game in accordance with § 6. The player is at liberty to pay in advance for the lottery prize for several or all RentenLotterie games of the validity period stated on the ticket. If the total price is not paid in full, then the amount paid will be credited first to the next following RentenLotterie and then the respective following RentenLotterie game.

(9) If the total price of the tickets is not paid in full for multiple lottery entries in several lottery lotteries, the amount paid for all lottery numbers in accordance with paragraph 7 will first be transferred to the next following RentenLotterie game and then to the each following RentenLotterie games credited.

(10) In case of incomplete payment the EU Lotto or the service provider will keep the part of the amount paid, which is insufficient for the settlement with a ticket number. The amount can be offset against subsequent ticket orders or will be refunded to the EU Lotto or the service provider upon request of the player.

§ 7 Termination and Transfer

(1) Each ticket is valid for a maximum of the period to which it is issued. The service provider will in principle offer the player tickets for the next (following) RentenLotterie game(s) according to the tickets played by him, unless the player wishes otherwise.

(2) The participation in the game may be terminated by the player or by the EU Lotto at the end of each RentenLotterie game, unless the player has the ticket price for a ticket exhibited on several RentenLotterie games in accordance with § 6 para. 8 or para. 9 paid in full or in part in advance. In this case, the game participation can be ended at the end of the last RentenLotterie game for which the lottery prize has been paid in full. EU Lotto may terminate the game participation before the end of the validity period if the game is discontinued or interrupted during this period or if the player objects to a new winning schedule or new playing conditions pursuant to § 5

(3) The transfer of the claims from the game contract requires the consent of the service provider. The consent will be given and the new claimant will be registered in accordance with § 5 (2) if he fulfils the conditions for participation in § 2.

(4). Termination by the player or the EU Lotto for good cause remains unaffected. In case of premature termination of the game participation, an excessively paid ticket price will be refunded.

§ 8 Determination of winnings

(1) In the case of monetary profits, EU Lotto will pay the player the same amount that the player would have received had he/she directly participated in the NKL-RentenLotterie underlying lottery with the same lot number and ticket type.

(2) All draws of the NKL-RentenLotterie underlying lottery take place under official supervision. Draw locations and dates are set in advance and communicated upon request.

(3) The determination of winnings takes place by means of a comparison of the lottery tickets registered with the lottery for the respective draw with the respective draw results of the NKL-RentenLotterie underlying lottery in the form of 1- or 7-digit numbers as profit numbers. With pension winnings 7-digit profit numbers are drawn, with bonus ticket winnings 1-digit profit numbers. Per winning level, a winning number can only be drawn once per draw day.

(4) The determination of winning numbers takes place with a random generator in Hamburg on the days indicated in the winning plan. Changes regarding date and location are reserved. They are posted by notice.

§ 9 Tickets

Ticket numbers that are drawn as winning numbers remain in play.

§ 10 Winnings announcement 

(1) In the event of a win, the player receives a prize notification from the service provider. In addition, the drawn lottery numbers of the RentenLotterie game will be announced in a winning list of EU Lotto, which can be viewed or purchased by the service providers. The winnings announcement of EU Lotto (e.g. digital winnings announcement, television, teletext, press and internet) are without guarantee.

(2) The monthly pension amounts mentioned in the publications will be paid out over a period of 5 years in the case of a win with a basic ticket and over a term of 10 years in the case of a win with a super ticket.

§ 11 Payout and bonus tickets

(1) The profit attributable to a ticket is entitled to the player registered with the service provider for this ticket.

(2) Pension winnings are paid by the EU Lotto and are not inheritable. The winning of a bonus ticket entitles the holder to participate free of charge in the following RentenLotterie game with a ticket number assigned to the player by the service provider with the same ticket type which the bonus ticket was won (basic or super ticket). The service provider will send the player the bonus ticket on time. The payment of the equivalent value of a bonus ticket is excluded.

(3) For the assertion of a winning claim, it is sufficient ot return of the formal disbursement order, which accompanies the winning notification of the service provider.

(4) Winnings are tax-exempt or non-taxable in many countries. The player is primarily responsible for the proper payment of taxes and duties. In the event that EU Lotto has to pay any taxes, fees or duties directly to the authorities of a country with respect to the winnings of a player, EU Lotto and the service provider shall be entitled to deduct them from the account of the player or to demand the amount from the player accordingly.

(5) To claim winnings, a player must return the payout instruction form enclosed with the winning notification letter and complete certain verification tasks. All requested and required documents must be provided by the Player no later than 24 weeks after the date of the Betting Event or the Winnings shall be forfeited.

(6) EU Lotto may allow the player to opt for the cash option. In this case, the prize will be paid in one lump sum, which is 65% of the total amount paid out in the event of an annuity payment. The choice of the payment method is up to the player.

§ 12 Liability/complaints procedure

(1) The EU Lotto is not liable for damages resulting from their grossly negligent breach of duty or a willful or negligent violation of pre-contractual or contractual obligations of a service provider or other vicarious agents in connection with the initiation or conclusion of the game contract. This regulation applies correspondingly for damages that arise after the conclusion of the game contract due to malfunction of technical equipment.

(2) In all other respects, the EU Lotto shall only be liable for damages that are based on intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty by EU Lotto, its legal representatives or its vicarious agents. Liability for simple negligence is excluded, unless a duty is breached, whose observance is of particular importance for the achievement of the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligation). In the abstract, the concept of cardinal obligation describes those obligations the fulfillment of which makes the proper performance of the contract possible in the first place and on whose observance may be trusted. The EU Lotto is liable in this case only for the predictable and typical damages at the time of conclusion of the contract.

(3) The exclusions of liability pursuant to para. 1 and para. 2 shall not apply to liability for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health and claims under the Product Liability Act.

(4) Agreements between the service provider and the player which deviate from these gaming conditions are not binding for the EU Lotto.

(5) Für Reklamationen und Auskünfte steht die EU Lotto jederzeit zur Verfügung.

(5) For complaints and further information please contact the EU Lotto, Office Suite A, Ocean Village Promenade, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar (EU); telephone number 0044 2037704310; email address

§ 13 Discretion

The names of the winners will be kept secret at the request of the winners.

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