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The game “KlassenLotterieNord“ (hereinafter referred as “KLN-Game“) is organized by EU Lotto Ltd. EU Lotto is a state-licensed bookmaker based in Gibraltar (EU), whose main business is accepting bets on the outcome of lotteries. EU Lotto holds a gambling license issued by the Gibraltar government. EU Lotto does not provide lottery tickets for state lotteries but organises betting on the outcome of lotteries. A bet on the outcome of the underlying lotteries is hereinafter referred as “ticket”.

The KlassenLotterie games are divided into chronological game sections, i.e. “classes”. In KLS-Game, each game section consists of six classes. Each class is valid for a period of 1 month, i.e. the KLS-Game runs for exactly six months with 6 classes.

The KLS-Game always runs from 1st. December to 30th. May and from 1st. June to 30th. November in a year.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: if you take part in all six classes, your chances of at least one prize are 1:1.87, i.e. 53.26 %, bearing in mind the stake and lowest payouts. With a stake of two ticket numbers, your prospects of at least one winner increase in the KLS-Game, to 78.58 %, – with three ticket numbers to 90.40%, with four ticket numbers to 95.82% and with five ticket numbers to 98.24 %. With ten ticket numbers with different final digits, your probability of winning is an amazing 100%.

Your luck is guaranteed: the number and level of prizes are always guaranteed, irrespective of the number of tickets sold.

For each new prize game: total winnings, individual winnings and the number of tickets are specifically established in a prize plan.

A little can go a long way: a KLS-ticket consists of 10 shares. You can buy a whole ticket or one or more shares.

Your prize will be based on your share of the shares played, i.e. if you play 1 ticket share, you will receive 10% of the prize, with 3 ticket shares 30%, with 5 ticket shares 50% etc. This also applies to pension prizes which are always paid out on the first of each month of the respective class in the Millionenspiel (millions game). The prize specified in the draw plans always refers to a whole ticket. KLS EuroJoker tickets cannot be sub-divided.

The minimum stake is 15 euros per class (for one month). This entitles you to 1 ticket share.

Each whole ticket consists of 10 ticket shares. If you win with 1 ticket share, you will receive 1/10 of the advertised total winnings. For example, if your ticket number comes up for 1 million euros, you will win 100,000 euros.

For the KLS EuroJoker, the minimum stake is 10 euros per round, and for the TraumJoker 5 euros per round. (1 round corresponds to one month.) You buy 1 whole ticket for this, as there are no shared tickets for the joker games.

The ideal time to start is in Class 1 right at the beginning of the KLS-Game, as you then take advantage of all your chances of winning if you play a game right through from start to finish.

However, you can join at a later stage, but the previous classes must then be paid up to ensure equal treatment for all players.

Without these rules there would be players who only play in Class 6, the class with the top prizes, and thus would have an advantage over all the other players.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: your chances of winning and the prize sums to be won increase significantly from one class to the next. There is also the fabulous top prize of 16 million euros in 6th Class.

Firstly, we must distinguish between the EuroJoker and the TraumJoker. The EuroJoker ticket offers you the chance to win an instant pension of up to 10,000 euros each day and 24 cash prizes of 5,000 euros: 1 prize per hour for a whole month for only 10 euros.

Then, the TraumJoker ticket costs only 5 euros and is included in daily draws for a whole month (1 month corresponds to 1 round). 10,000 prizes in 5 prize stages are played for each day. Each winner in their category can choose between a large range of different prizes of a corresponding value.

Each calendar month is a self-contained joker round, and thus each KLS Joker ticket is included in all draws for a whole month. So, you can then decide each time on the first of each month whether you wish to play on or to withdraw.

The end is only the beginning: in the KLS-Game, the prizes are established by an end-digit draw system. This means that 7-digit prize numbers (corresponding to complete ticket numbers) and 5-, 4-, 3-, 2- and 1-digit end numbers are drawn. Thus, you can even win with one single correct end digit. When you play 10 ticket shares with different end digits, you are certain to win a prize for the duration of the game, bearing in mind the stake and lowest payouts.

You are the only limit: if you have a valid ticket/ticket share, i.e. one which is promptly paid up per class for the KLS-Game, you can, in theory, win on a daily basis in the relevant class, even more than once on Saturdays, as even tickets which have already scooped a prize on a previous day for this class stay in the game to the end of the class (follow-up ticket rule), and may win again on subsequent days.

Nothing or preferably twice as much: at the end of each class there is an additional special draw for those players whose ticket numbers have not yet won in that month: the KLS Double-Chance draw, in which another 1,000 x 1,000 euros are played for.

• 7-digit ticket number for one prize (main prize)
• 5-digit ticket number for 30 prizes
• 4-digit ticket number for 300 prizes
• 3-digit ticket number for 3,000 prizes
• 2-digit ticket number for 30,000 prizes
• 1-digit ticket number for 300,000 prizes

For the KLS-Millionenspiel (Millions Game), draws take place on a daily basis, for the EuroJoker on an hourly basis and for the TraumJoker on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this is not available for players in Germany.

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