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Are you the next millionaire? KLN makes your dreams come true

Have you ever dreamt of a cruise trip, a new car, monthly pension income, becoming a millionaire, even owning your private island? KLN could be your answer – it offers you a total of over 400 million profits, in addition to 300 cruises, 350 dream trips, 335 cars, 15 houses and many other monetary gains leaving nothing to be desired.

Million Guaranteed

Everyday KLN offers cash prize worth at least € 1 million – either 1 x € 1 million or 100 x € 10,000.

Double jackpots up to € 50 million

From the 1st class onwards, you play for €10 million in the classic jackpot, which can rise to €20 million in the 6th class. In addition, an additional € 10 million will be raffled off from 2nd class in the Bonus Jackpot. Possible prize money in the 6th class: € 30 million!

In the first class €3 million will be added to the jackpot and € 2 million each from the 2nd to the 5th class. In the 6th class then come to € 5 million. The jackpot of 6th class could be accumulated up to € 16 million if the jackpot in the first 5 classes is not won.


For the first time there will be a Double-Jackpot in the 146th KLN. Instead of just one jackpot, two are played out. Both grow in the course of the game – provided they are not hit. The Classic Jackpot can reach up to € 20 million, the Bonus Jackpot up to € 30 million.

Gold BONUS-JACKPOT up to 30 MILLION € BONUS-JACKPOT up to 25 MILLION € BONUS-JACKPOT up to 20 MILLION € BONUS-JACKPOT up to 15 MILLION € BONUS-JACKPOT up to 10 MILLION € Red Text CLASSIC-JACKPOT 20 MILLION € up to 6th class CLASSIC-JACKPOT 18 MILLION € up to 5th class CLASSIC-JACKPOT 16 MILLION € up to 4th class CLASSIC-JACKPOT 14 MILLION € up to 3rd class CLASSIC-JACKPOT 12 MILLION € up to 2nd class CLASSIC-JACKPOT 10 MILLION € up to 1st class

Non-cash prizes across 6 classes

Dream items like luxury holidays, cruise trips, high-end cars, even designer houses are all available to win! On top of it, you have the option to get paid in cash with correspondent value.

Special prizes

In KLN 146, you will have the chance to win 1,000 gold bars worth € 10,000 each (with a total of € 10 million). Also do not forget the “Final Million” draw on 30.09.2021 for a whopping 30 x €1 million.

€ 1 Million
Everyday to win


It is an additional game offering over 230 x € 1 million. When acquiring a ticket for the first time, the player can decide whether or not to participate in the MillionenJoker game.

  1. Klasse: 10 x € 1 Million
  2. Klasse: 15 x € 1 Million
  3. Klasse: 25 x € 1 Million
  4. Klasse: 30 x € 1 Million
  5. Klasse: 50 x € 1 Million
  6. Klasse: 100 x € 1 Million
€ 230 Million
Extra prizes


Meaning pension Joker, RentenJoker is a game with prizes that pays out monthly for a period of 10 years. There are 50 pension prizes every month for only €5 extra. It is up to a player to add on a monthly basis.

In addition, there are 300 x € 5,000 and 1,000 x € 1,000 extra cash to be won in the special Easter and Summer draws in KLN 146.!

€ 5,000
Monthly for 10 years
No internet connection

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