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T&CS 150. KLN

Terms and Conditions for the “150th KlassenLotterieNord“ from 1st of April to30th of  September 2023 (“terms and conditions”)

Part 1: Main game with MillionenJoker Extragame

§ 1 Promoter

The game “150th KlassenLotterieNord” (hereinafter referred as “KLN-game”) is organised by European Lotto and Betting Limited (hereinafter referred as “ELBL“). ELBL is a state-licensed bookmaker based in Malta, whose main business is accepting bets on the outcome of lotteries. ELBL holds a gambling license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (license no. 609/2018 and 475/2018). ELBL does not provide lottery tickets for state lotteries, but organises betting on the outcome of lotteries. A bet on the outcome of the following lotteries is hereinafter referred as “ticket”:

  • 150th NKL-Lottery, organised by the GKL “Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie der Länder” (Common Class Lottery of the Federal States) with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich), hereinafter referred as “NKL-underlying lottery”
  • Millionen-Joker, organised by the GKL “Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie der Länder” (Common Class Lottery of the Federal States) with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich), hereinafter referred as “MillionenJoker underlying lottery”
  • Extra-Joker, organised by the GKL “Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie der Länder” (Common Class Lottery of the Federal States) with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich, hereinafter referred as “RentenJoker underlying lottery”
  • RentenJoker cash prize game, conducted by EU Lotto Ltd, with headquarters in Gibraltar, using a random number generator certified by an independent testing laboratory

The term “purchase of a ticket” or similar references shall be construed accordingly and shall mean the placing of a bet on the outcome of one of the above lotteries, as the context requires.

§ 2 Conditions for participation

(1) According to the law, the participation of minors in gambling is not permitted. For this reason, any person who would like to purchase a ticket (hereinafter referred as “interested party” and/or “player”), has to first provide (and evidence) his name, date of birth and address. Purchasing a ticket, the player agrees to these terms and conditions that apply to all players of the KLN-game.

(2) ELBL and its service providers shall have the right to verify the age of the interested party. Recognized procedures, including using third party providers and automated systems may be used by ELBL and/or its partners for the purposes of age verification. ELBL and/or its service providers or partners may also ask the interested party to provide proof of age in any manner it deems suitable from time to time.

(3)  Any data collected by ELBL and/or its partners from or belonging to an interested party may be stored, processed and/or passed on to third parties as required from time to time.  Such data may include, but shall not be limited to, personal data such as the name, date of birth and address of an interested party.

(4) ELBL authorises its service providers from time to time (including their employees) to contact interested parties and bind ELBL to these terms and conditions with such interested parties.  The service provider may require that the interested party provides official identity and other personal documentation (notarised, where appropriate) to verify the age and other personal details of the interested party and ensure the ongoing compliance of ELBL in connection with this offering.

§ 3 Organisation

(1) The KLN-game will be carried out in a manner which mirrors the winning plan for the 150th NKL-underlying lottery, over 6 consecutive months, with different draws taking place each month.  Each month is referred to as a “class”. ELBL reserves the right to replace the non-cash prizes with cash prizes at their equivalent value, at ELBL absolute and sole discretion from time to time. All prizes not defined or described herein shall be deemed to be as described in the winning plan.

(2) 5,000,000 tickets will be issued. These tickets include 3,469,523 cash prizes, up to 6 additional Jackpots, 75 Goldbar prizes and 1,001 non-cash prizes.

(3) Tickets may be issued as whole tickets (1/1), half tickets (1/2), quarter tickets (1/4), one eighth tickets (1/8) and one sixteenth tickets (1/16). Each ticket has a unique reference consisting of 7-digit number from 0,000,001 to 5,000,000 and a letter identifying the relevant fraction category. The 1/1 ticket has the letter A. The 1/2 ticket the letter A or B. The 1/4 ticket the letter A, B, C or D. The 1/8 ticket the letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H and the 1/16 ticket the letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O or P.

(4) The aggregate value of all available prizes is of € 2,094,250,000. This amount consists of € 1,992,600,000 in cash prizes, € 75,000,000 in Goldbar prizes and € 26,650,000 in non-cash prizes. The fixed average payout rate over all 6 classes is 43,63%.

§ 4 Stake

(1) The ticket price for each class is € 160.00 for a whole ticket, € 80.00 for a half ticket, € 40.00 for a quarter ticket, € 20.00 for a one eighth ticket and € 10.00 for a one sixteenth ticket.

(2) If a player acquires a ticket in the course of the 150th KLN-game for a class which has already passed or if the player purchases a ticket in one class without having participated in the immediately previous class, the player shall also pay for the tickets corresponding to any previous unpaid classes without receiving any additional tickets and/or winnings.

(3) Costs and expenses for winning number lists, including postage, are at the expense of the player and can be invoiced by the service provider. The service provider is entitled to agree a service fee with the player. Any additional services can also be agreed with the player as part of the service fee. These costs and expenses as well as any service fee are not part of the ticket price.

§ 5 Ticket sales and players directory

(1) The tickets are distributed by service providers on behalf of and for the account of ELBL.

(2) In accordance with § 2 (1) full details of the player as well as his bank account and the ticket assigned to him with the unique reference are registered by the service provider in a directory.

(3) The player must immediately notify the service provider in case of changes to his name, address or bank details. The player shall be liable and indemnify ELBL and/or the service provider for any losses or liability suffered by ELBL and/or the service provider arising from a breach by the player of this obligation. § 12 (3) shall apply accordingly in the case of damages arising from a breach by the player of its obligations under these terms and conditions.

(4) Once a ticket has been ordered, the service provider shall issue a ticket certificate and send it to the player. One single ticket certificate may be issued for more than one fraction categories and/or ticket numbers. These terms and conditions apply to all players, the KLN-game, all tickets, and each ticket certificate accordingly.

(5) Subject always to regulatory requirements, tickets may be issued as “virtual tickets”. Where this is the case, a ticket’s unique reference would be stored by ELBL and communicated to the player, but no physical ticket would be issued.

(6) Ticket numbers for all KLN-game draws shall be allocated at random and no interested party or player shall have the right to participate in any KLN-game draw with a ticket number of their choice.

(7) For distance contracts there is no right of revocation.

§ 6 Payment for ticket and these terms and conditions

(1) These terms and conditions are between ELBL and the player, and all tickets bought by the player shall be deemed to have been bought from ELBL according to the following paragraphs with the payment of the lottery ticket price and storage of the transaction.

(2) A player shall only be eligible to participate in the draws for any given KLN-game class and entitled to associated winnings: (a) if the lottery ticket price has been paid in the manner, within the timeframe and in the full amount indicated at paragraphs 3, 5 and 6 of this section 6, or as otherwise determined and communicated to the player by ELBL and/or the service provider from time to time; and (b) if the transaction has been stored in the ELBL database prior to the beginning of the first draw of that class.

(3) A ticket shall be deemed to have been paid on time if, at the latest, by the end of the penultimate working day (excluding Saturdays) before the beginning of a draw (in any class) (the “Payment Deadline”) the price of such ticket(s) has been received and acknowledged by ELBL or the service provider from the player: (a) in cash, by postal order or by bank transfer; (b) by way of a check (only where the ticket price is being paid directly to the service provider) and such check payment has not and does not subsequently fail; (c) where ELBL or the service provider is authorized to and has successfully collected the ticket price directly from the player’s account via direct debit and such payment is not subsequently withdrawn or otherwise cancelled by the player; or (d) by credit card, provided that such payment is not subsequently withdrawn or otherwise cancelled by the player. Where a ticket has been deemed to have been paid but is withdrawn or otherwise cancelled after the start of a class, such ticket shall be null and void even if it has won a prize in any draw which may have already taken place.

(4) After the Payment Deadline defined in section (3) above (and if the ticket price has been paid in full by the Payment Deadline), the participation in the KLN-game begins on the day of the next main draw or the next major draw or Final Million draw or the Jackpot draw of the 6th class or the anniversary special draw.

(5) In case of incomplete payment for the lottery ticket price, the player shall not be entitled to participate in the relevant draw or, where a ticket has already been issued, such ticket shall be null and void.  ELBL or the service provider may keep the part of the paid amount, which is insufficient for the payment of the lottery ticket. If the ticket price is fully paid at a later time, section 4 applies accordingly. Otherwise the amount may be used for the next lottery ticket order or will be paid back to the player upon request to ELBL or the service provider, as applicable.

(6) If a ticket is paid using the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) direct debit procedure, the pre-notification deadline is reduced to one working day (excluding Saturdays). The pre-notification of the direct debit of the ticket price is done via letter or email.

(7) If the player wants to participate in the KLN-game with several ticket numbers and he does not pay the total price for the tickets, the paid amount will be processed in the following order: a) on whole tickets, b) on half tickets, c) on quarter tickets, d) on one eighth tickets, e) on one sixteenth tickets, provided that the paid amount is sufficient and the player has not made any other provision. If there are several ticket numbers with the same split, the paid amount will be used for the tickets with the lowest ticket numbers. § 13 (4) and § 3 (2) in part 2 of these terms and conditions shall remain unaffected. For the rest, section (5) applies.

§ 7 Continuation, Ending and Transferring the lottery participation

(1) Each ticket is only valid for the class it belongs to. To continue the participation in the KLN-game, the service provider who provided the ticket for the preliminary class will offer the player a ticket with the same number and the same letter for the next class (renewal ticket). The player is not obliged to accept/buy the renewal ticket.

(2) If the player can’t participate in the KLN-game with a renewal ticket despite the timely payment of the ticket price and therefore the continued usage of the previous ticket number is not possible, the player is entitled to participate for free with twice the amount of tickets he is entitled to, with other numbers, for all subsequent classes. The liability regulations of § 12 (1) apply.

(3) Unless a player has stated otherwise, the service provider will generally (but shall not have an obligation to) offer a player of the 6th class KLN-game the same ticket number/s for the 1st class of the next KLN-game series, unless the player has stated otherwise.

(4) The participation in the KLN-game may be terminated by the player at the end of each class, even if the player has received a ticket certificate or a virtual ticket (in accordance with §5 (5) with a validity period covering several classes. The participation in the KLN-game can be terminated before each class by ELBL, even if the ticket price has already been paid. In this case ELBL or the corresponding service provider will reimburse the ticket price.

(5) The transfer of the claims out of these terms and conditions requires the consent of the service provider. The consent is granted and the new claimant will be registered in accordance with § 5 (2) if he fulfils the participation requirements.

§ 8 Determination of Winnings

(1) In case of cash prizes, ELBL pays to the player the same amount that the player would have received if he would have taken part directly in the NKL-underlying lottery with the same lottery ticket number and size of ticket.

(2) Where known to ELBL and/or the service provider, the draw locations and times of the NKL-underlying lottery will be communicated to the player upon request. Neither ELBL or the service provider operate or are otherwise associated with the operating of the NKL-underlying lottery and neither shall have any liability whatsoever in relation to any matters arising directly or indirectly from the NKL-underlying lottery.

(3) In the KLN-game, winnings are determined by comparing the tickets that have been registered for the respective draw with ELBL and the respective draw results of the NKL-underlying lottery. Depending on the prize tier, 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- or 7-digit numbers of the NKL-underlying lottery are drawn. For the prize tiers from € 1,000,000 and prize tiers with less than 50 winners as well as for non-cash prizes, 7-digit winning numbers are drawn. For all other prize tiers, only the last digits of the winning numbers are drawn. In case of non-cash prizes, the winning letters will be drawn in addition to the numbers.

(4) For the Jackpot draw of class 1-5, the NKL-underlying lottery operates a pre-draw, in which a number between 0 and 9 is drawn. If the number 0 is drawn in this pre-draw, then a 7-digit winning number will be determined straight afterwards and another € 10,000,000 is added to the Jackpot for the next class, so the classic Jackpot draw takes place. If either 1 to 9 is drawn, the Jackpot draw does not take place and the prize of the respective jackpot draw will be added to the jackpot draw of the next tier. In the 6th class a 7-digit number will always be determined without any pre-draw.

§ 9 Winning tickets

(1) Ticket numbers which are drawn as winning numbers of the KLN-game stay in the KLN-game. This does not apply to the 4 super draws in 6th class; these lottery ticket numbers will be eliminated from the KLN-game before the day of the next super draw or in the 4th super draw before the day of the Jackpot draw of 6th class.

(2) To allow a player to continue playing the KLN-game, the service provider will regularly offer the player the ability to purchase or participate with a ticket number/s still active at the time in the KLN-game (“connection ticket”).

(3) The price for a connection ticket consists of an amount equal to the aggregate price of a ticket for the current class and the preliminary classes.

(4) With the connection ticket, the player will participate from the day of the next major draw of the KLN-game or the classic Jackpot draw of 6th class, if the payment of the ticket price has been received and stored before the draw – according to § 6 (2) and (3).

§ 10 Notification of Winnings

(1) In the event of a win, the player shall receive a winning notification from the service provider. In addition, ELBL winning numbers and winning letters will be announced in the ELBL winning list, which can also be made available by the service provider. Publications other than the NKL-underlying lottery printed winning list (e.g. digital winning list, television, teletext, press and the internet) are not guaranteed by ELBL or the service provider.

(2) The cash prizes and Goldbar prizes outlined in the winning plan refer to whole lottery tickets, except for non-cash prizes, which go undivided to the correct 7-digit number including the correct letter. Participants who have purchased ticket shares will receive a share of the prize money according to the ticket shares purchased.

§ 11 Payout of Winnings

(1)  Subject always to these terms and conditions, a player registered with the service provider for the winning ticket is entitled to receive winnings for that ticket.

(2) Any prize money up to € 1,000,000 shown in the winning plan will either be paid out to the player by the service provider directly or credited to the player on his client account and, if desired, used to purchase tickets for subsequent classes or renewal ticket/s (see. § 9 (2) and (3)).

(3) Cash Prizes up to € 1,000,000 are paid by the service provider, cash prizes of more than € 1,000,000 are paid by ELBL. Non-cash prizes and Goldbar prizes may be replaced and paid in cash by ELBL and/or the service provider at ELBL’s sole discretion at the value shown in the KLN-game winning plan.

(4) To claim winnings, a player must return the payout instruction form enclosed with the winning notification letter and complete certain verification tasks. All requested and required documents must be provided by the Player no later than 24 weeks after the date of the Betting Event or the Winnings shall be forfeited.

(5) The player is solely responsible for the payment of taxes and duties on any winnings. In the event that ELBL has to pay any taxes, fees or duties in respect of a player’s winning, ELBL and the service provider shall be entitled to deduct an equivalent amount from those winnings or the player’s account or to request the player to pay the tax amount on ELBL’s behalf.

§ 12 Liability/Complaints procedure

(1) ELBL shall not be liable to a player for damages resulting from a service provider’s grossly negligent breach of duty or intentional or negligent breach of pre-contractual or contractual obligations of a service provider or other vicarious agents in connection with the initiation or conclusion of these terms and conditions. This regulation applies correspondingly for damages that arise after the formation of these terms and conditions due to the malfunction of technical equipment.

(2) ELBL shall only be liable for damages that are based on intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty by ELBL. The liability for simple negligence is excluded, unless a duty is violated, whose observance is of particular importance for the achievement of the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligation). The term cardinal obligation describes abstractly such obligations, whose fulfilment enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose observance may be entrusted. In this case, ELBL is only liable for the damages foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

(3) The exclusions of liability according to section (1) and (2) do not apply to the liability for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health and claims under the Product Liability Act.

(4) Agreements between the service provider and a player that derive from these terms and conditions or otherwise are not binding for ELBL.

(5) For complaints and information contact directly the service provider or ELBL on telephone number 0044 2038597294, email address

§ 13 MillionenJoker extragame

(1) With the KLN-game, ELBL also offers the MillionenJoker extragame (hereinafter “MillionenJoker-game”) in all 6 classes. At the first MillionenJoker-game participation, the player can decide whether he wants to participate with his ticket in the MillionenJoker-game. The player remains bound on this decision for the duration of the MillionenJoker-game. The participation in the MillionenJoker-game is noted on the ticket. It is possible to interrupt the participation to the MillionenJoker-game only terminating the participation in the main KLN-game draw.

(2) In the MillionenJoker-game, 305 prizes may be won with a total prize pool of €305,000,000, according to the winnings plan of the MillionenJoker underlying lottery. The fixed payout percentage of the MillionenJoker-game is 42.54 % over all 6 classes when participating in the main KLN-game with the MillionenJoker-game.

(3) In the event of a win, the player may be entitled to the same amount that the player would have received, if he would have taken part directly in the MillionenJoker underlying lottery with the same ticket number and size of lottery ticket.

(4) Participating in the MillionenJoker-game costs € 28.00 per class for a whole ticket, € 14.00 for half a ticket, € 7.00 for a quarter ticket, € 3.50 for a one eighth ticket and € 1.75 for a one sixteenth ticket.

(5) The regulation of § 6 (7) applies with the proviso that ticket numbers for MillionenJoker-game have priority over the ticket numbers without MillionenJoker-game, unless the player makes a different provision.

(6) In the MillionenJoker-game there are no connection tickets. In this respect, the provisions of § 9 (2) and (3) do not apply.

(7) Furthermore, the other terms of these terms and conditions apply accordingly to the MillionenJoker-game.

§ 14 Data Protection

The names of the winners will be disclosed only upon the winners request.

§15 Language

Where these terms and condition are published in several languages, the English version of these terms and conditions will supersede and take precedence over any conflicting elements with other languages (

Part 2: RentenJoker

§ 1 Organisation

(1) In addition to the KLN-game, ELBL operates the game “RentenJoker” (hereinafter referred as “RentenJoker-game”) as well as the RentenJokerPLUS game variant (hereinafter “RentenJokerPLUS-game”) according to the winning plan. Each calendar month is a self-contained round for RentenJoker-game and RentenJokerPLUS-game.

(2) There will be 5,000,000 non-divisible tickets issued. A total of 253 10-year annuity prizes, 27 monthly pension prizes and 915,032 cash prizes with a total profit worth € 69,460,000. The fixed payout percentage of winning is 46.31% if the player participates in all 6 rounds. With RentenJokerPLUS, 18 prizes including 20-year pension prizes are also drawn every month according to the official game plan.

§ 2 Restriction on participation

Participation in the RentenJokerPLUS-game variant is restricted to natural persons. Private syndicates are excluded from participation.

§ 3 Stake

The price for each ticket and round is € 5.00 for RentenJoker or €10.00 for RentenJokerPLUS.. The RentenJoker-game participation can be started for each round, without having to pay the ticket price for the previous rounds.

§ 4 Payment for the lottery ticket

(1) The ticket price must be paid at the latest by the end of the penultimate working day (excluding Saturdays) before the start of the round of the RentenJoker-game in accordance with § 6 (3) of part 1.    

2) In the event of late payment, the service provider is no longer bound to its ticket offer. If the latter nevertheless accepts the payment, in deviation from Part 1 § 6 (3), participation in the game begins if payment is received by the 15th of the month from the working day after receipt of payment (excluding Saturdays). If payment is received after the 15th of a month, but no later than the penultimate working day excluding Saturdays before the end of the month, eligible participation in the game begins on the 1st of the following month. Otherwise, participation in the game begins on the working day after the payment (excluding Saturdays).

(3) If the price for the main KLN-game and the RentenJoker-game is not fully paid, the paid amount will be assigned first to the tickets of the main KLN-game and then to the tickets of the RentenJokerPLUS-game, and then to the tickets of the RentenJoker-game, unless the player chooses otherwise.

§ 5 Determination of winnings

(1) The determination of winnings takes place by drawing the 7-digit numbers of the RentenJoker underlying lottery as winning numbers, and by 4-digit number for the cash prizes of € 5,000 of the Advent Special Draws, in accordance with § 8 of part 1 The winner is determined for the 10-year pension, the 20-year pension and for the monthly prizes by drawing the 7-digit numbers of the RentenJoker underlying lottery as winning numbers. The weekly draws are held every Friday and the monthly draws are held on the last Friday of each month. Apart from that, Part 1 § 8 ( 1) and (5) apply;; and by 7-digit numbers for the Cash Prize of € 1,000 of the ELBL cash prize draws in accordance with § 5 (2) of part 2.

(2) The ELBL Cash Prize is an EU Lotto game resulted using a proprietary random number generator, that is certified by an independent testing laboratory.

(3) ELBL pays the player the same amount that the player would have received, if he would have taken part directly in the RentenJoker underlying lottery with the same lottery ticket number. Instead of the three lifelong pension prize from the RentenJoker underlying lottery, the player in the RentenJokerPLUS-game receives the same monthly pension amount from ELBL for his ticket number, limited to 20 years.

§ 6 Payout of winnings

(1) The 10-year and 20-year annuity winnings are non-inheritable.

(2) ELBL may, at its sole discretion, allow the customer to opt for a cash prize as a replacement to the annuity prize. In this case, the prize would consist of one lump sum, equivalent to 65% of the total amount payable by way of the annuity prize.

§ 7 General provision

Unless otherwise stated above, the rules of the KLN-game apply accordingly to the RentenJoker-game.

Data Protection notice

ELBL and its service providers take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The collection, processing and use of personal data by ELBL and its service providers takes place in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable data protection laws.

We, the service providers, handle the data we receive in the context of the ordering process and during the course of a commercial relationship in order to enter into contracts with our customers. In this respect we are directly and solely responsible for the protection of your data.

We are required by ELBL to fulfil information and release claims and, in this context, may share personal data and information about current and/or past customer participation. Such action takes place to assure the proper implementation of the above described games.

We also use your contact data to send you additional game offers according to Article 6 Paragraph 1 lit. b of the GDPR. If you don’t consent to this commercial use of your data, you can inform us at any time and such usage will be cancelled for the future. In the event of a player winning a prize worth over €1,000,000, a prize of a pension prize or a Non-Cash Prize, the supervising service provider will require the name, address of the player, copy of identification documents, type and value of the prize won – if required in order to disburse the prize – all of this information may be provided to ELBL in order for the winning to be verified and/or the payment processed (see Part 1 § 11 and Part 2 § 5 of the terms and conditions). If the player’s banking details are available, they will also be provided. In connection with the disbursement of the previously mentioned prizes, the responsible party for data processing is ELBL. Such processing takes place in order to fulfil the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the game. ELBL stores personal data as long as is required for the corresponding purpose. When ELBL receives data with the purpose of ensuring the proper implementation of a game or the disbursement of prizes, such data will be stored for the required period of time to verify them, i.e. until the prizes are disbursed, or for as long as it is required pursuant to GDPR or other applicable laws and regulations.

You have the right to be informed about your processed data, a right to correct, delete and transfer your personal data, as well as a right to restrict the processing of your personal data.

In cases in which data processing takes place for the purpose of sending you additional game offers or direct advertising, you have the right to object to such usage of your data by contacting the service provider or as otherwise directed.

If you have any questions regarding data protection, please contact the service provider directly or ELBL at or use our mailing address on the back of this page.

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